Meet your coach Véronique

During this coaching you will take the first step in creating more balance in your work and life.

In order to take the first step, we start with a analysis of your current situation. In this way we identify which norms and values are really important to you. Afterwards, it will be easier to set priorities and make choices. It also helps in making decisions when new situations arise.

Mini coaching

  • How is my balance now?
  • Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual? (4balance checklist)
  • What tools can I use to find and maintain the balance?

This coaching might be interesting for you if :

  • You have the feeling of being stuck
  • You know that something has to change, but you are not sure how.
  • You feel you have no choice and no control
  • You sometimes feel as if you are being lived.
  • You sometimes have trouble keeping the balance between yourself and everything that is asked of you.

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