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Living without fear, hyperventilation, worry or burnout...

Learn through body-oriented techniques how you can calm your body and mind. Only when your body has calmed down, your brain will find peace.

The body sometimes retains stress for years. I will teach you how to relieve stress and to rebalance through 2 techniques.

With heart coherence you learn to deal better with stress through a simple breathing technique. When you are heart coherent, your heart lets your brain know that everything is safe and calm. Heart coherence is scientifically substantiated and is successfully used for burnout, hyperventilation, coping with fears and overstimulation.

We will treat the body with EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) or psychological acupressure. By stimulating the acupressure points, we release the stress that is stored in the body and calm our brain very efficiently. EFT is even more profound than heart coherence, it is used to treat anxiety, trauma, addiction, limiting beliefs, food cravings, etc.

Mini coaching

During this mini-coaching we analyze your breathing pattern together (also online) on the basis of a simple breathing exercise.

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