A change in the appraoch of Health@work

Many companies are looking for new and creative alternatives to ensure that all employees remain healthy. Giving your employees access to the necessary tools and knowledge to support their physical, mental and emotional health should be a top priority in your organisation.

This requires a change in the approach of health@work!

Especially when working from home, “health” is determined by a combination of factors that you as an employer cannot always control. 

More than ever, health at work is a shared responsibility.

Employee health encompasses the physical and mental status of your employees. It can cover illness and wellness at the same time. When we talk about health, physical health comes into mind first, but mental health is just as important.

If you want your employees to take their health into their own hands, it is important that you support them with the right tools and knowledge. 

During this Virtual Health@work Experience

  • you will gain a deeper insight into which natural and healthy choices we all can make and how they affect our optimal health.
  • you will better understand how the body functions and how important healthy cells are and what conditions they must meet.
  • you will find out what stress, anxiety, burnout & brain-gut connection have to do with each other
  • You will be provided with effective tools & solutions to ensure that all employees remain healthy and have access to support for their physical, mental and emotional health in these uncertain times.

This Virtual Health@work Experience is a co-creation between The Reset Your Health Company and The Relax Company.

Your hosts

Martien & Heidi, together have 64 years of experience in the health sector in the broadest sense of the word. They want to SHARE all their knowledge & acquired insights so that you get a little more CLEARNESS in the labyrinth of 'health & well-being'.

Véronique is a Corporate Wellbeing Consultant and helps organizations to set up a preventive health & wellbeing policy.  She focuseds on creating structure and support within the company, mapping the wellbeing needs and requirements of all employees, in order to develop a concrete action plan. 

Target audience

Are you an HR manager, prevention advisor or actively involved in the health policy of your company? Then you are very welcome!

Would you like to attend this live and free webinar?

You can reserve your spot on the following dates by clicking on the button in the banner.:

  • 30/04/21
  • 28/05/21
  • 25/06/21

Timing from 10am to 11.30am.

Virtual Health@work Experience

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