Take your health into your own hands!

Fantastic, you have taken the first step towards a more vital life, at home and at work!

If you want to work on your health, it is important that your foundation is right. An important part of this is a healthy daily rhythm. Many of us have lost this rhythm in recent months.

The daily routines and structure of the past are gone, because the boundaries between work and private life are blurred by working from home.

We have to think more actively about how we will spend our days and that requires energy. As a result, we become more stressed, concentration problems occur and our short-term memory does not work as smoothly.

The quality of our night's sleep is also less good and that sleep deprivation in turn contributes to the foregoing symptoms. In short, our physical, mental and emotional health is under pressure.

The only way to rebuild a healthy structure is through healthy rituals.

During the Wellbeing Challenge you will be challenged to take a closer look at your daily habits that determine your level of health and energy.

In theory we all know what it takes to stay healthy and fit, but in daily life it remains a great challenge for each of us to maintain healthy lifestyle habits. Stress and a busy life often cause us to make the wrong choices.

The Wellbeing Challenge helps you make the right choices. To develop a healthy lifestyle and achieve sustainable results, you need the right knowledge, time and support. We will share the knowledge with you, you determine the time and you will receive the support from your environment.

Together is always better

We spend many hours of the day at work and together with colleagues. We strongly believe that the daily choices we make together can help us live healthier and happier lives, both at work and at home.

Together is always better, so motivate your colleagues to take on this Wellbeing Challenge together.

Moreover, with the Wellbeing Club HR program we can ensure that your company also receives the necessary structural support to maintain and even improve the general well-being of all employees.

What can you expect?

Particular attention is paid to proper nutrition, adequate rest and sleep, but also exercise.

But what counts is the result:

  • you are more aware of your health
  • you feel fitter and more flexible
  • you can concentrate better
  • you better clear your head
  • you sleep better
  • you feel more relaxed
  • you experience less stress
  • you have the motivation to continue the healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle mainly consists of doing healthy things!

It is not enough to read through this program and absorb the knowledge. You will also need to take action. As the well-known saying goes, if you always do what you did, you will always get what you got.

Participating in the Wellbeing Challenge does not require any extra precious time, just an openness and a positive intention to change daily healthy lifestyle habits that have a direct influence on your health, your mood, your concentration and your general well-being.


What are you waiting for?

Because we want to contribute to a better and healthier world, this program worth € 25 is temporarily available for free. Use the voucher: # wellbeingchallenge1111.

Register and discover how this Company Wellbeing Challenge can contribute to a healthy lifestyle, more energy and less stress.

After your registration you get access to the Wellbeing Club learning platform and we take on the 7 challenges step by step. You will receive all the tools you need to make this Wellbeing Challenge a success, such as a personal checklist, a colorful shopping list, a daily exercise ritual and so much more information and inspiring tips for finding a healthy work-life balance both physically and physically. mental, emotional and spiritual plane.

Learn, Experience, Enjoy & Inspire..